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A special course in gaming helps you learn to create games for PCs, laptops mobiles, and tablets.

Best Game Design Courses In Kolkata

The thriving gaming industry in India is encouraging a great number of students to pursue a degree in game designing. All students who possess love and fascination for video games, and have the creativity and technical programming skill can opt for the game designing course offered by MAAC Dunlop that has a robust curriculum balancing these three features. Beside technical aspects, students also need to acquire skills for creating characters and storyboards, because they will not work upon on others ideas but will have to conceptualize and create their own characters and creatures and then build from the scratch. No matter you are a beginner just getting started or an experienced game designer eyeing to expand your knowledge base, the MAAC Dunlop game designing course will allow you to hone your skill. The classes are divided into short lessons and classes are conducted by a community of creatives, helping you reach unprecedented growth in the field. This is the most in-demand game-designing course preparing students as thorough professionals.

Advanced Program in Interactive Design & Games


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